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About Us


Root Cause Health & Wellness Clinic Inc was founded by Dr. Teresa Donovan, ND in 2008.  The focus of the clinic has always been to “treat the root cause” of disease and to help patients achieve their health goals using the modalities of naturopathic medicine. We offer a patient centered and functional medicine approach to health care.

In the clinic, we spend time with patients, investigate all their symptoms, assess many of their body systems including physical exams, and review patients’ medical history and medications, all to properly assess the root cause of their symptoms. Visits include time listening, asking questions, physical assessments, and creating a plan to incorporate the best evidence-based natural medicine treatments to address the ‘root cause’ of each patients’ health concerns. Treatments will safely integrate the best evidence-based therapeutic options for patients to choose. 

We work with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan, utilizing the best naturopathic treatments including diet, exercise, nutrients, botanicals, and nutraceuticals.  We also offer numerous advanced services such as functional medicine tests, IV nutrient & injection therapy, and LLLT Light Therapy.    

By supporting the body’s healing process and through education, we hope to help patients of all ages and all health conditions improve their health and quality of life. 

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